Monday, June 28, 2010

Tree Silhouette Papercut

This papercut is based on a picture that I took of this really big, twisty tree. It's about 5"x4", cut completely by hand with an exacto knife on grey cardstock. I will mount it on matboard, then put it up in my shop. It's the first papercut to go up in my shop, the first of many!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Birthday Leaves Papercut

I did this papercut for my dad's birthday last month. It's from cardstock, and my own design. None of the details were too small, so it wasn't terribly difficult to do, but it took a long time. The finished piece is 6"x6", and I mounted it on an 8"x8" piece of off-white matboard.

Latest Papercuts

I'm concentrating more on papercutting, lately. I like it because it's fun, and I can also do it while I'm watching a movie! Here's a few I've done in the last few days.

This one is from origami paper, easy to cut and nice to get small details from. You can also sketch your design on the other side, as it's white.

This one is from an old dictionary page. Somewhat stylized, but that's what makes it fun! Old pages are nice to cut from, too, but you have to be careful because sometimes older paper rips very easily.

This one took a while to do. I did it so I could practice little circles, which are rather hard to get right. I got better towards the end...